Originally, Amira was designed and developed by the Department of Visualization and Data Analysis at ZIB. It is now commercially developed and distributed under the product names Amira and Avizo by FEI Visualization Sciences Group. Details about the history of Amira can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Amira remains the development platform for most of the research projects at the Department of Visualization and Data Analysis at ZIB. For this purpose, ZIB maintains an Amira version for research partners, which contains all relevant research modules and is is called ZIBAmira. Research partners are individuals who actively participate in a joint research project with ZIB aiming at joint publications, joint software development, and/or joint funding. ZIB can provide ZIBAmira for the duration of the project on an individual basis free of charge.

Research partners obtain the software and a license as follows:

  1. Ask your contact at ZIB to send you a download password.

  2. Download and install ZIBAmira.

  3. Determine your Computer ID. Start ZIBAmira. The Amira License Manager will appear, showing the Computer ID. Send the Computer ID to your contact at ZIB; and supply your contact information (name, address, email, phone number, and institution). If you request a license renewal, also include the previous license in your mail.

  4. Enter the License File. You will receive a license file (password.dat) by FEI via email within a few days. This personalized, time-limited and host-specific license remains valid also with future ZIBAmira releases. Start ZIBAmira and import the license file in the Amira License Manager.